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Hair and Makeup Tips for Summer Weddings & Parties

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Summer is perfect for romantic weddings and parties. The weather is perfect, the days are long and flowers are in full bloom. But the season also brings on humidity and heat which can wreak havoc on your hair and makeup. So, plan your summer beauty routine strategically. Here are my hair and makeup tips to help you look cool and fresh even as the temperature and humidity rise.

For your Hair: Long lasting hairstyles must not only look gorgeous, but must endure the elements of a summer wedding.  So, aim for up-do’s or at least half up-half down styles.  These styles are more durable in humidity. Ask your stylist not to use anti-frizzy oils because they can actually weigh your hair down.  You want your hair to appear flawless not greasy, so hairspray is a better choice.

All Down Hairstyles: If you must have your hair all down, remember that heat, stress, sweat and gravity are not in your favor.  The best way to keep your hair fresh is to ask your stylist to keep your hair away from your face and neck as much as possible.  Direct the curls or waves away from your face.  Also minimize bangs or fringe.  You don’t want frizzy, stringy bangs in your eyes.

For your Face: Our clients main concern is combating oil and shine on hot summer days. In the heat, your makeup can get cakey quick.  Here’s the secret……a facial the night before. When you get a gentle facial the night before your wedding, it does two things.  First, it unclogs your pores and allows your skin to breath.  Then it removes all of the oils and toxins buildup from stress.  Second, your skin is free from the extra oil so it will not act up.  So that means, shine free skin for your special event. Your makeup will glide on and stay on.  Ladies, a facial is no longer a luxury, it’s a beauty necessity. Also, it also reduces stress and allows your facial muscles to look toned, giving it a mini lift.  Now, isn’t that nice? Lip Gloss, powder and blotters- these three makeup products are a must to keep your makeup intact.  The lip gloss will keep your lips plump and moisturized.  The powder and blotter will absorb the shine and oil, leaving your makeup perfectly in place.  So remember, pat pat pat for powders… and blot blot blot for the blotting paper.

Putting on your dress: During the hustle and bustle of hair, makeup and dress, things can get hectic. Especially if you are getting ready in a room full of gushing women.  Granted, they are excited and want to help you get ready, but it can get stuffy quick.  Make sure the room you get ready in has a strong air conditioning system.  Put the ac on 60 degrees.  You want the room to be cold as possible as you’re getting ready. This will offset sweat and heat.  Before you wear your gown, baby powder your entire body to eliminate sweat. This is critical for heavy, ball gowns.   When you’re rushing or nervous, your body produces more sweat.  So make sure your room is cold.

Photos: If you will be outdoors for photos, make sure that you are well prepared to stand in the heat for a few hours.  Keep your limousine as cold as possible; so that once you step outside, the heat will not bother you. Your body will take 30-35 minutes to start feeling the heat again. Remember, with these tips in mind, you will look fresh and radiant for your entire big day.  One more thing, please have fun and enjoy yourself.

I hope you enjoyed my hair and makeup tips for Summer Weddings and parties!

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