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Bella's Secret Beauty Test

A balanced beauty creates happiness and comfort. Fill out the following diagnosis to find out...

- Your favorite hairstyle & how to create it.

- Your customized hair treatment needs according to your scalp & hair shaft.

- Followed by home maintenance product prescriptions.

1. What do you need/ what brought you here today?

[_]   Products

[_]   Hairstyle inspiration

[_]   Evening/ Updo Tutorial

[_]   All of the above

2. Normally, your favorite hairstyle is reflective of your personality. Which of these characteristics match your style and personality most? (Choose up to two)

[_]  Earthy Girl -- Loves simplicity, believes less is more, is natural & effortless.

[_]   Classic Girl -- Cherishes the past, is traditional with family values and might borrow her grandmas pearls.

[_]   Glamour Girl -- A girly-girl not afraid to show off her femininity.

[_]   Modern Girl -- Very futuristic, follows fashion trends, loves everything new & gets bored very easily.

[_]   Dramatic Girl -- Demands attention, not afraid of layering textures, always craves more & is seductive.

[_]   Imaginary Girl -- Looks unique and unusual. Blends styles from the past, present and future.

3. Which of these blow-dry styles inspires your favorite look? You can choose two.

4. Which of these up-do's and evening styles, from natural to dramatic, inspires your favorite look? You can choose two. (Collection tutorial available at the end of beauty test)

5. I am...


[_]   a male

[_]   a female

6. Between...


[_]   18 & under

[_]   19 - 24 years old

[_]   25 - 35 years old

[_]   36 - 45 years old

[_]   46 - 55 years old

[_]   56 years old +

[_]   ( That's my little secret... )

7. I live in the...

[_]   City

[_]   Suburbs

[_]   Other

9. My hair length is...

8. and I visit a salon...

[_]   Once a month, sometimes more!

[_]   Every 2 - 3 months

[_]   2 times a year

[_]   once a year

10. Do you have gray hair? If Yes, what is the percentage?


[_]   0-25%

[_]   25-50%

[_]   50-75%

[_]   75-100%

[_]   I don't have gray hair

11. I shampoo my hair:


[_]   Daily

[_]   Every other day

[_]   Twice in a week

[_]   Once in a week

12. I condition my hair:


[_]   every time I shampoo

[_]   often

[_]   sometimes

[_]   never

13. What's the condition of your scalp?

[_]   hair loss with oily scalp

[_]   hair loss with dry scalp

[_]   hair loss with normal scalp

[_]   sensitive and irritated scalp

[_]   dandruff with oily scalp

[_]   dandruff with dry scalp

[_]   oily scalp

[_]   normal scalp

[_]   dry scalp

[_]   alopecia

[_]   psoriasis

14. Which type of hairloss do you have?


[_]  Heritage/Genes: Hairloss is usually from the mother's side of the family.

[_]  Pregnancy: After pregnancy hairloss is common


[_]  Aging/ Menopause: During menopause hairloss is common


[_]  Hormone imbalance: Homonal changes in women most often start with hairloss

[_]  Severe Sickness: When the body becomes severely sick, experiences toxic buildup or cancer, undergoes radiation, or takes strong prescription drugs, hair loss may result.

[_]  Lifestyle: Stress, smoking, excess drinking, improper diet, and lack of exercise are known causes of hair loss, but not a lot of people know this. If your client expresses concerns over hairloss, but appears healthy, you may wish to approach lifestyle choices gently to open discussion.

[_]  Environmental Aggressors: Seasonal changes, using the wrong shampoo or conditioners, blow-drying, and overall improper hair care are causes of environmental aggressors that can cause hairloss.

[_]  None. I am not currently experiencing any hairloss.