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Bella's Secret Beauty Test

A balanced beauty creates happiness and comfort. Fill out the following diagnosis to find out...

- Your favorite hairstyle & how to create it.

- Your customized hair treatment needs according to your scalp & hair shaft.

- Followed by home maintenance product prescriptions.

1. What do you need/ what brought you here today?

[_]   Products

[_]   Hairstyle inspiration

[_]   Evening/ Updo Tutorial

[_]   All of the above

2. Normally, your favorite hairstyle is reflective of your personality. Which of these characteristics match your style and personality most? (Choose up to two)

[_]  Earthy Girl -- Loves simplicity, believes less is more, is natural & effortless.

[_]   Classic Girl -- Cherishes the past, is traditional with family values and might borrow her grandmas pearls.

[_]   Glamour Girl -- A girly-girl not afraid to show off her femininity.

[_]   Modern Girl -- Very futuristic, follows fashion trends, loves everything new & gets bored very easily.

[_]   Dramatic Girl -- Demands attention, not afraid of layering textures, always craves more & is seductive.

[_]   Imaginary Girl -- Looks unique and unusual. Blends styles from the past, present and future.

3. Which of these blow-dry styles inspires your favorite look? You can choose two.

4. Which of these up-do's and evening styles, from natural to dramatic, inspires your favorite look? You can choose two. (Collection tutorial available at the end of beauty test)

5. I am...


[_]   a male

[_]   a female

6. Between...


[_]   18 & under

[_]   19 - 24 years old

[_]   25 - 35 years old

[_]   36 - 45 years old

[_]   46 - 55 years old

[_]   56 years old +

[_]   ( That's my little secret... )

7. I live in the...

[_]   City

[_]   Suburbs

[_]   Other

9. My hair length is...

8. and I visit a salon...

[_]   Once a month, sometimes more!

[_]   Every 2 - 3 months

[_]   2 times a year

[_]   once a year

10. Do you have gray hair? If Yes, what is the percentage?


[_]   0-25%

[_]   25-50%

[_]   50-75%

[_]   75-100%

[_]   I don't have gray hair

11. I shampoo my hair:


[_]   Daily

[_]   Every other day

[_]   Twice in a week

[_]   Once in a week

12. I condition my hair:


[_]   every time I shampoo

[_]   often

[_]   sometimes

[_]   never

13. What's the condition of your scalp?

[_]   hair loss with oily scalp

[_]   hair loss with dry scalp

[_]   hair loss with normal scalp

[_]   sensitive and irritated scalp

[_]   dandruff with oily scalp

[_]   dandruff with dry scalp

[_]   oily scalp

[_]   normal scalp

[_]   dry scalp

[_]   alopecia

[_]   psoriasis

14. Which type of hairloss do you have?


[_]  Heritage/Genes: Hairloss is usually from the mother's side of the family.

[_]  Pregnancy: After pregnancy hairloss is common


[_]  Aging/ Menopause: During menopause hairloss is common


[_]  Hormone imbalance: Homonal changes in women most often start with hairloss

[_]  Severe Sickness: When the body becomes severely sick, experiences toxic buildup or cancer, undergoes radiation, or takes strong prescription drugs, hair loss may result.

[_]  Lifestyle: Stress, smoking, excess drinking, improper diet, and lack of exercise are known causes of hair loss, but not a lot of people know this. If your client expresses concerns over hairloss, but appears healthy, you may wish to approach lifestyle choices gently to open discussion.

[_]  Environmental Aggressors: Seasonal changes, using the wrong shampoo or conditioners, blow-drying, and overall improper hair care are causes of environmental aggressors that can cause hairloss.

[_]  None. I am not currently experiencing any hairloss.

15. Have you ever dipped your hair in pool or ocean water? Or, Is your hair feeling dull & muddy due to products, hard water or medicine build-up? If yes, you need to exfoliate your scalp & hair to remove the build-up for shinier, healthier hair.


[_]   yes

[_]   no

16. Would you like pre-sun, pool or ocean hair protection?


[_]   yes

[_]   no

17. What did you dislike about your previous blow-dry style?


[_]   Too Straight

[_]   Too wavy

[_]   Too Curly

[_]   Too Shiny

[_]   Not frizz free enough

[_]   Not sleek & soft enough

[_]   Not natural looking

[_]   N/A

19. If you got hair extensions during your last styling/ up-do, what didn't you like about the hair extensions?


[_]   Not enough crown volume

[_]   Not enough length

[_]   Not enough extra length

[_]   Not enough density

[_]   Too much density

[_]   Too big, looked bulky

[_]   N/A

18. What did you dislike about your previous evening style or up-do?


[_]   Too much volume on top and looked bulky

[_]   Not enough volume, looked flat

[_]   Too simple

[_]   Too messy looking

[_]   Not enough hold, it fell apart

[_]   N/A

20. Did you have concerns about covering your thinning root area during your last blow-dry style?


[_]   Yes


21. If yes, would you like...

[_]   To use hair building fibers to temporarily fix thinning spots

[_]   To fix your hairline with eyebrow filler

[_]   N/A

22. As far as look and feel what would you like to get from your blow-dry style?

[_]   Shine

[_]   Sleek & Soft

[_Natural Looking

23. As far as getting volume and fuller hair, what would you like to get from your blow-dry style?

[_Density & Fullness around the face & head shape

[_]   Crown Volume/ to bring height to the face

[_]   Both

24. A balanced beauty creates happiness and comfort. I love beauty when it is not to the point of obsession, but more about the love and comfort of the individual. When it comes to creating a balanced look you must measure everything connected to the head & body. To simply this process I broke it down into Five Pillars. 

#1 – Head and Body Proportions
#2 – Bone Structure of the Head
#3 – Fabric of the Hair
#4 – Grade of Sensitivity
#5 – Face Shape

In the following questions we will go through each pillar guiding you on how to measure yourself. Once you understand your five pillars you'll never have a bad hair day again ;)

The proportion of the head and body plays a huge role in what kind of 
blow-dry style will enhance your features and your beauty. In general, either 
your head size is proportional, smaller than, or, larger than your body. 
* To find out which head size you have simply stand in front of the mirror in your underwear and put your hair into a high bun. Now, look at yourself and your head in comparison to your body. Do you think your head size is... 


25. Please check off any head and body proportions that concern you:


[_]   Cover ears

[_]  Show ears

[_]  cover neck length

[_elongate neck length

[_cover neck hump

[_cover wide shoulders

[_widen appearance of narrow shoulders

[_minimize full bust

[_maximize small bust

[_Appear taller

[_Appear shorter



26. Would you like to add clip-on extensions?



27. Why do you want to add clip-on extensions?


[_Too add crown volume

[_To add length

[_To add density and thickness

[_All of the above


28. How you put on your makeup can correct your face shape the same applies to hair-styling with your head shape. To enhance any head shape you can choose to add more or less volume to your hairstyle. Because your hair is covering your head shape you don't know what it looks like until you feel it. The following diagrams show most of the different kinds of head shapes you can have. Feel the shape of your head and choose which one you think is most like yours. (The areas where you see red means the head shape is smaller and the hair needs to be emphasized and blue means the head shape is larger and needs to be minimized.)


29. "Fine" hair type refers to the thickness or diameter of the individual strand of hair. It is possible for clients to have fine type and thick hair density, or coarse hair type and thin hair density. 

What is your hair type?  Choose one strand of your hair and look at it. If it is fine, it will be thinner than a piece of thread. If it is medium, it will be the same thickness as a piece of thread. If it is coarse, it will be thicker than a piece of thread. Choose from the following:


30. What is your hair density? "Thin" hair density refers to the overall density of the hair follicles across the scalp. The opposite of thin hair is thick hair. You can measure your hair density in two different ways: If you have short hair, you can look at the root of the hair and see how many strands there are per square inch (pictures of density are below). Or, you can put your hair in a ponytail and then measure the diameter of your hair. From these three hair density examples which are you?

31. What is your hair character (Shape of your hair shaft)?

32. Do you have any cowlicks/ patterns of hairline root growth on your scalp? (Cowlicks are hair that grows in a direction different from the rest, and that resists being combed flat). Where on your scalp do you have cowlicks? Or, do you have any stubborn baby hair waves along the front hairline and nape area that resist when styling? Choose all that apply.


[_Front  Hairline Cowlick

[_Middle of the head Cowlick

[_Nape hair line Cowlick

[_Front/ Back baby hairline waves


33. Is your hair... (You can choose up to 3)

[_]  natural hair

[_]  color treated

[_]  bleached

[_]  permed

[_]  highlights

[_]  keratin straightened treatment

[_]  other treatment

34. If your hair is colored, would you like to prevent your color from fading to maintain your color vibrancy?


[_]  yes

[_]  no

35. If yes, does...


[_]  Your blonde hair go brassy

[_]  Your grey hair color turn yellow

[_]   Your brunette hair color turns brassy

[_]   Your red/ mahogany/ burgundy hair color turns orange or pinkish

[_]   Your cinnamon/ ginger/ orange color or highlight turns blonde

36. I use heat styling tools:


[_]  daily

[_]  sometimes 

[_]  never

37. Do you think your hair shaft is damaged? If it is damaged/sensitized, what grade of sensitivity is it? Use the below diagram and do the following test to find your grade: Run your finger down a few strands of hair from root to the ends. Do this for the front, top and nape area of your hair. If your hair feels smooth to the touch and the cuticle is sealed your grade is S1/ S2 Healthy. If it feels very rough and is breaking at the mid length and ends then your grade is S5 Very Damaged and needs immediate attention.

grades of sensitivity.jpg

According to the strand test, what is the grade of sensitivity  closest to the root area (up to 2-3")


[_]  S1-Very Healthy (smooth to touch)

[_]  S2-Healthy (still smooth to touch)

[_]  S3-Slightly Damaged (Moderately raised cuticle & slightly rough to touch.)

[_]  S4-Damaged (Excessively raised cuticle with poor elasticity. Re-tangles when combed wet. The hair considered damaged.)

[_]  S5-Very Damaged (The hair is breaking apart and is extremely damaged. Hair feels mushy or slimy when wet. Needs immediate attention.)

38. According to the strand test, what is your grade of sensitivity/ damage for the mid-lengths & ends?