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How To Create a Loose Curly Updo

In my latest ‘how to’ video I take you behind the scenes at our salon while I am creating a loose curly updo on my beautiful client. The loose curly updo is one of the hottest trends for 2019. Make sure to pay attention to your clients body and face shape that way you can make sure the hairstyle is proportional to her features. 

The products I am using in the video are:

  • 2 Sponges |While creating this hairstyle you will see me adding pieces of sponge to the base of the hairstyle. This is to create more body and depth to the look. All you need to do is take your basic donut sponge, cut it open and re-shape it how you like. Then use bobby pins or, sew it into the ponytails. 

  • 1 Pack of 18″ Hair Extensions | The extensions are sewn and pinned in. If your client has naturally long and thick hair you may not need them.

  • Laque Noire Hairspray from Kerastase | This is a extra-strong hold hairspray for setting long-lasting hairstyles.

  • Super Solano Blow-dryer | I use the blow dryer to lock the hairstyle into place and give the hairstyle a clean finish.

Enjoy this loose curly updo tutorial! If you have any questions on how to create this glamorous hairstyle please leave a comment below.

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1 commentaire

Anthony Walton
Anthony Walton
13 août 2022

It's very nice loose curls hairstyle for bride, Thanks for sharing.

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