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How to create a Faux Bob

The Faux bob is a hot hairstyle that has been on the catwalk and the red carpet. It's great because you get the result of short hair without actually having to chop off your tresses! Today I am going to teach you the steps to creating your own faux bob. Now, lets get started!

1. First you want to start off parting your hair. Then you will take your curling iron or wand and begin curling your hair in small sections. Now, the key to getting lasting, bouncy curls is to secure each curl at the base with a bobby pin.

2. Once you have curled and secured the entire head you will begin to take out the bobby  pins loosening the curls with your fingers as you go. You will want to begin shaping the dry waves in the front with your brush, and blow dryer.

3. Once you have taken all the hair out slightly tease the ends to give a bit more texture. After that you want to secure the ends with a clear elastic. You are then going to tuck the elastic under the hair to give the effect of short hair. Secure the elastic to the nape of your neck with a bobby pin.

4. After you secure the faux bob, you can put the finishing touches on the front... And boom! You faux bob is complete!

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