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How The Bridal Headpiece Can Change Your Bridal Look

The bridal headpiece you choose for your wedding day will determine your bridal look. What I mean by this is, lets say your bridal hairstyle is the bun, by just switching out the headpiece you can take your hairstyle from being glamorous to dramatic or even classic.

Above you see the clean and sleek bridal bun I created for Mane. We started out with a Rose Gold Floral headpiece. This bridal headpiece gave Mane a very classic look. Below, I experimented with different bridal headpieces to show you how by just changing the piece you can change the look. 

In the photo on the left the rose gold piece makes the look more earthy because of the leaf design on the headpiece. Whereas, in the middle photo the headpiece and necklace give the hair a very modern look as it sprawls out in different directions. Last, in the right hand photo I layered two separate bridal headpieces creating a very dramatic bridal look. 

This is why I always recommend my brides and anyone styling a bride to really take the bridal headpiece into consideration as it determines the look for the wedding day.

Bridal Headpieces by: Dvnchi

Body Tattoo’s by: GoldSinLA

Wedding Gown by: Caprice Bridal

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