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Bella Nella Signature Massage

For thousands of years Massage has been a source of relaxation, and rejuvenation. Experience the luxury of this age old treatment with a Signature Swedish Massage, personalized just for you, to allow your body to surrender to the benefits a of massage, all in our award winning spa. Perfect for first time Spa guests.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage targets specific muscle groups, with an emphasis on more deeper direct pressure, to penetrate muscle tissue to induce greater relaxation. This treatment uses therapeutic Swedish techniques to eliminate deep rooted tension, release tightness, which in turn helps reduce muscle pain. The end result is a deeper and more direct massage to relieve specific muscular pain.

Stone Therapy Massage

Smooth, Volcanic basalt rocks are first heated in water then lubricated with our custom oils. The therapist then holds a stone in each hand while massaging your body with the heated rocks. The smooth gliding effect of the lubricated rocks releases muscle tension, while a perfect amount of heat helps penetrates deep into the muscle relieving pain. A great alternative to a deep tissue massage.

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