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Featured in EVOLVE Magazine

Well, you can now rest assured that Bella Nella Bride exists to make the lives of soon-to-be-wives that much easier. "Bella Nella Bride was created due to a significant need for a bridal beauty specialist," said Bella Shahmoradian, Owner of Bella Nella Bride. "There is nothing more couture than a wedding; it has always been our vision and mission to create a one-of-a-kind look for each and every bride." 

Sure a lot of brides still go to traditional salons, but the full service capacity of Bella Nella Bride makes it a one-stop - shop especially attractive to the bride to be. The refreshing thing about going to a salon and spa that specializes in wedding preparation is that they have it down to a science. 

"It all starts with our bridal consultation. It gives us the chance to really understand the theme and needs for our brides. We ask our brides to bring in a picture of their dress, magazine clip-out of their favorite styles, jewelry, veil and much more," said Shahmoradian. 

The comprehensive consultation ensures that every aspect of the 'big day' is covered and the focus can turn to other aspects of preparation. To top off that, Bella Nella Bride offers a full range of bridal services beyond the sophisticated hairdressing and expert make-up artists, it includes bridal spa parties, registries, facials, massage and other wedding specific services - for when the going really gets tough and the bride-to-be just needs to get away. 

For anyone that's ever been through the wedding planning process, you know and appreciate that what Bella Nella Bride does for their clients is an extremely large chunk of the planning pressure! Catering to the bride-to-be is no easy task and requires a special attention to detail as well as people skills. "On top of [everything], most brides are nervous, stressed out or tired. So, you must care for them like a nurse," said Shahmoradian. "Reassure them, calm them down - it's a lot of hard work!" 

Bella Nella Bride is not only an integral part of the planning process with the consultation, they are also a crucial part of the big day. "In a traditional salon, if you don't like your hair color, you can change it next week, so-to-speak," said Shahmoradian. "However the bride is so exhausted after months of planning a wedding that if you mess up her hair, you will scar her for life." 

When you are faced with the challenge of saving the lives of brides all over Southern California, you definitely need technology on your side to track your growing business. "Technology is the life line of our salon," said Shahmoradian. "Without technology I don't think our salon would function or grow at the rate it has. As an owner, I think technology is important because it keeps use organized and takes confusion out of dealing with numbers." 

Brides can be scary enough, so choosing Shortcuts was easy as Shortcuts is known by all their clients around the world for making the numbers, and computers in general, less scary. "I love Shortcuts," said Shahmoradian. "It truly has made my life as a hairdresser and salon owner so much easier. I love that Shortcuts is always innovative and updated with the newest technology." 

It seems like it was a partnership made in heaven, Shortcuts and Bella Nella Bride - we are both dedicated to making the lives and dreams of others easy and successful.

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