Client Testimonials

Chava is hands down the best Pilates teacher in LA-she stresses form and precision, paying special attention to the unique needs of her clients. Classes are hard work, but modifications are offered for every level.

Chava is a master at helping you reach your transformation goals-I've been taking her classes for 10 years and can't recommend her more highly.


I've tried many different Pilates studios around LA and this is the one I was most impressed by. The instructor, Chava is lovely and charming and is such a good teacher. They actually come over and correct your form and make you a better Pilates student for it! I've been coming to this studio for over 2 years now and I continue to be challenged every class I take, which I've found is a very rare thing to find in a single studio. You will get an amazing work-out here, and you will see your body and your posture change in amazing ways, and the techniques you will learn here are things you can keep with you for your whole life! Thank you Chava!


The absolute best pilates studio and instructors.  I've tried just about every pilates studio in Los Angeles.  Chava, her instructors, reformers are simply the best.  Pilates on a cheap reformer, does not feel good.  Her correction with all the poses is so vital and so important.  My body has changed tremendously since coming here.  I simply love this studio.  I wouldn't go anywhere else.  If you pay for cheap pilates, like I did, you won't get the results your looking for, trust me.  I highly recommend this pilates studio.


This studio is amazing. They spend so much time on form and knowing what muscles you should and should not be working during postures. Chava is my favorite instructor she's super funny, warm and incredibly knowledgeable.

- Shea

Killer class! Still feeling the challenge today and loving it. She chats through the class with the group as a whole, which makes it kind of fun to get to know everyone around you in small little ways. Plus the workout went by in no time!

- Caitlin

I have been coming here for over two years and this location has one of my favorite instructors Chava . Chava leads a wonderful class and has a wonderful personality that makes the class really enjoyable.


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