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Frequently Asked Questions for Cut & Color

It's one of life's most frustrating little mysteries…you haven't used a new shampoo, you've styled your hair the same way, yet it refuses to behave. Why do our "dos" vary so dramatically? Here are the primary hair-from-hell culprits and ways you can start having amazing hair days.

1) Q: How can I avoid bad hair days?
    A: To avoid bad hair days, you need to maintain your hair. Bad hair days attack when your overdue for your hair trim or cut, when you need to retouch your roots, or refresh your color or highlights. Also, your hair misbehaves if you are using the wrong products. Sometimes, your hair is screaming for some deep conditioning or salon hair treatments. You just need to feel what your hair is trying to tell you. Give your hair the proper love and attention and it will behave perfectly. Bad hair days will be history.

2) Q: Will Red hair color match me?
    A: If you have green eyes, you are the ideal client for red hair. We think that red turns heads and always takes center stage.  Red has the highest frequency of all. The eyes see a higher level of shine, more reflected light and liveliness. Red tones are creeping into every shade, even the blonde and brunette shades such as strawberry blonde, ginger brown or mahogany.  You can choose tasteful shades of brown-reds; warm golden reds and light honey reds will enhance and highlight your hair.  Red can also be coppery red, blood red, or violet. Our colorist is trained to create these beautiful colors for you.  Call for your complimentary consultation if you feel you are ready for red hair color. Let us choose the right shade of red for you.

3) Q: My hair is naturally a very dark brown, and I want to go blonde, can I?
    A: If your skin tone is very fair, and you have a bright complexion or blue eyes, blond hair will look great on you. Your base color should be a dark beige blonde and your highlights a light beige blonde. Keep in mind that for blonde hair, you must have an outgoing character and be craving a dramatic change.

4) Q: If I have dark brown hair, can I go blonde?
     A: It all depends to the health of your hair and scalp. Going lighter, is a color-correction and needs at least 3-4 sessions of coloring. Please call for a complementary color consultation to analyze your hair structure and your color options.

5) Q: I have very light brown colored hair, can I go blonde?
     A: You are the ideal client for going blonde. Please call for a complementary color consultation to analyze your hair structure and your color options

6) Q: What's this new trend of highlighting called balayage?
     A: Rooty is in. Balayage is the hottest highlighting technique sweeping the nation. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Eve Longoria-Parker and Gisele have put the beachy hair look on the map, and clients across the country are demanding the same natural, sun-kissed effect. Balayage is freehand hair painting. The colorist artistically paints sections of the hair freehand, rather than using foils. The end result is a sexy "grown out dark roots" that takes literally minutes to achieve, and requires less maintenance than traditional highlights. You can literally go months without re-doing your roots! Amazing right? Call us for your free consultation to see if balayage is right for you.

7) Q: I want to be bleach blonde like Christina Aguilera and my hair is dark brown. Can I be bleach blonde?
    A: If your skin tone is very fair and your hair is very healthy, in two sessions of bleaching you can be beautiful bleach blonde. But as an expert, it is very difficult to maintain and keep up the health of the hair living in California. The sun, heat, and also our hard water are enemies of bleach blonde hair. My ideal color would be light brown

8) Q: My hair is thinning, I have hair loss. Help!
     A: Ladies, don't freak out. Women do not lose all of their hair. Unlike men, we never go completely bald. Severe hair loss is only 30% loss of hair.  Nonetheless, we know hair loss is a scary thing. But please stop worrying (worry attributes to the problem)! There are many great breakthroughs in the solution for excessive hair loss, and thinning.  It's called Specifique by Kerastase Pairs. These products contain Vitamin PP, a cooling agent and Hairgrip Star Complex that will revitalize the scalp adding both body and texture. It also helps soothe and calm the scalp, texturizes the fiber and creates a volume effect. These remarkable products are designed to decalcify the scalp and stimulate the blood source.  Also, don't forget many cases of hair loss begin from poor circulation, excessive sebum (oil) emission, and lack of good shampooing techniques. Also, proper nutrition and a "healthy hair" diet prevent or reduce hair thinning and/or hair loss. Make sure to eat lots of colorful berries like blueberries, cranberries and strawberries. Eat a handful of raw organic almonds and walnuts daily. Avoid caffeine from over processed coffee and opt for organic white tea or green tea. Drink plenty of water and practice stress reduction CAM (complimentary alternative medicine) techniques such as yoga, meditation and acupuncture. Then let us help you resolve your problem; call us now for a consultation.

9) Q: How can I treat my after-summer hair damage?
     A: Split ends, brassy highlights and color fading are related to UV exposure. In spite all of this; we aren't about to stop swimming, tennis, or any outdoor activity our family loves. So, while you're enjoying the outdoors protect yourself and your family with a daily application of sun screen, hats and sun glasses. For prolonged exposure, use water resistant sunscreen with SPF 30 and reapply every hour. And, if you need further treatments, our Red-Carpet-Ready hair treatment along with a trim will do the trick. For extra luster and shine, visit our BN colorists to renew your color.

10) Q: What are Scalp treatments?
      A: Stress is such a concern for many people, we have just what you need…the Stress Release Scalp Treatment. This relaxing, rejuvenating scalp massage and treatment is designed to meet the specific needs of each individual, enhanced by the soothing massage to the head, neck and shoulders. This treatment re-conditions the hair and scalp and serves as a luxury as well!!

11) Q: I just colored my hair. How can I keep it looking shinny and longer?

  • You can keep your hair color looking beautiful by always using the recommended shampoo & treatment masques to insure the best results.

  • Shampoo your hair gently, using warm, not hot water.

  • Treat hair gently after shampooing. Use only a wide tooth comb, never a brush, to detangle wet hair.

  • Before you start blow-drying or flat ironing, apply heat styling protective agents

  • Always keep the blow dryers moving when drying hair. Allowing the heat to 'rest' too long in one area can result in dryness, even damage.

  • Visit a stylist every 4 to 6 weeks for a trim and retouch to ensure hair always looks it best. We love to share our knowledge with you.  Call us now.

Ask for detailed information about keeping your hair color vibrant between salon visits.

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