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Modern Day Princess

Kate Middleton became a modern day princess today as 2 billion people watched her and millions of girls lived vicariously through her. Let’s face it, every girl secretly wishes she was a princess….and Prince William sure resembles Prince Charming.

So as we watched Kate become The Duchess of Cambridge, we couldn’t help but smile because her beauty was breathtaking. Without a doubt, she looked absolutely flawless on her big day. 

It was a glorious, beautiful and may we add fashionable affair! 

Although, it was rumored that Kate did her own makeup because she wanted the Prince to “still recognize” her, we are most certain she had her very own Princess Glam Squad. 

In honor of this Royal Affair, three days before this Royal event, we were invited by Rene Strauss-renowned bridal stylist to assist her and famed jewelry Michael Katz in predicating what Wedding Gown, Jewels and hair and makeup Kate might choose for her Royal Marriage to Prince William. 

Although we were completely off on our predictions, ha-ha it was still completely fun!! So, please take a look at our video and some behind the scene photos of the event. Maybe our hints will inspire you for your royal affair, after all every bride is a princess on her big day. Enjoy ….

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