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Solo Bella's VIP Special Occasion Hair Design

Price $400   |   Sunday Price $450

For the glamour girls of any occasion that likes fashion forward hair design, your choice of add-on hair extensions.

This package requires a $200 deposit. Click here to schedule.
The Sunday Package requires a paid in full deposit. Click here to schedule.

Step-by-Step Details of the package:

Special Occasion Hair Design Consultation with Bella:

Plan out your perfect hairstyle. Please arrive at the salon with clean blow-dried hair wearing a tube top, wearing daily makeup. This consultation requires your jewelry, and a picture of you in your dress. If you own hair extensions, please bring them with you. Don't purchase on your own. We will tell you if you need extensions or not, and will guide you on where to purchase them from, so you receive a discount on the hair extensions.

Hair Design on Your Special Occasion Day with Master Hairstylist Bella:

Please arrive at the salon with your makeup fully done, wearing a white or nude tube top with clean, dry hair that has been washed the night before with no conditioner. Start your special occasion day with complimentary coffee & tea. Then begin with our exquisite hair design.

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