Bridal Beauty Countdown

Calling All Brides!       6 + Months Before


  • Go where all brides go!  Our new website is designed for you, our Bride.  View photos from our bridal gallery, read bridal testimonials, get a sneak peek at the latest bridal fashion,  view our “Bridal To Do List” and much more at

  • Now that you have reviewed our website, start receiving bridal bulletins, wedding and love advice and wedding day count downs, by registering your email address with our bridal coordinator!

  • Spoil you’re Bridesmaids with the best hair and makeup service in town by reserving their hair and make-up services with one of our Bella Nella Artists!  Act now, reservations are limited!  ( reserve 3+ bridesmaids and receive a $20.00 Gift Card)

  • Glam it up with a sparkly tiara, a custom designed head pieces or a gorgeous piece of jewelry from our exclusive accessories collections.   Don’t forget, you get 20 % off on all accessories.

  • Don’t worry about growing out layers or bangs, getting highlights, or choosing a solid color, let one of our elite color specialists design your wedding hair color.

  • Don’t know how to ask for the wedding gifts that you really want?  Create your own bridal registry at Bella Nella Bride and receive the most upscale wedding gifts.  Contact our bridal coordinator to start your registration now!

  • If your hair is dried and fried, start your deep conditioning routine with Kerastase’s Red-Carpet-Ready-Hair treatment.  Plan for 3 pre-wedding sessions, once every 2 months.

  • Picture perfect skin is a must for a radiant bride!  Make an appointment with our skin specialist and receive a complimentary skin analysis, step by step skin régime, and samples of Guinot Paris skin care.  Plan for 6 pre-wedding facials, once every month.

  • Planning a wedding is tough!  Keep your sanity by indulge in an 80 minute Bella Nella Signature massage, once every month.  Bring your friends too!

  • Unlock the secret of a fun and powerful relationship! Read Men Are from Mars Women are from Venus, by Dr. John Gray.  Have your sweetie read it too!


Beautiful Bride in Training 4-6 Months Before

  • An informed bride is a happy bride.  Start checking your emails for bridal bulletins, wedding and love advice and wedding day count downs!

  • If you haven’t purchased your tiara, headpiece, or jewelry then make an appointment with our Bridal Coordinator and receive your 20 % discount.

  • Make sure to book your park for your wedding day pictures.

  • Start scheduling all of your color and cut sessions from now until one week before your wedding day.

  • Rescue your dried and fried hair by beginning your deep conditioning routine with Kerastase’s Red-Carpet-Ready-Hair treatment.  Plan for 3 pre-wedding sessions, once every 2 months.

  • Start your monthly wax appointments, or for a more permanent solution, laser hair removal (call us for referrals).

  • Picture perfect skin is a must for a radiant bride, so start your monthly facials at our spa.

  • Begin your mind and body rejuvenation by indulging in an 80 minute Bella Nella signature massage. 

Beauty awakening 2-4 months before

  • Stay informed as the big day gets closer by viewing our website and checking your emails for bridal bulletins, wedding and love advice and wedding day count downs.

  • Book an appointment with your dentist for professional teeth-whitening, if you opt for an in-home treatment, use Crest White Strips. 

  • Start fighting wedding day stress by signing up for a weekly yoga class.

  • Design the perfect life as a married couple by listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer’s 4 C.D collections, which is available at

It’s all about the Month before Your Wedding

  • If you haven’t purchased your tiara, headpiece, or jewelry, than what are you waiting for?  Take an advantage of your 20% discount now!

  • Break in your shoes (no pain, no gain doesn’t apply to your wedding). Start wearing them around the house a half hour or so every three days.

  • Book your Bridal Shower and indulge your bridal party with facials, massages, and Kerastase Red-Carpet-Ready Hair treatments.

  • Continue your weekly yoga classes.

  • Relax your tired body and mind by treat your self to a 80 minute Bella Nella Signature massage

  • Its time to schedule your Bridal Consultation!

  • Purchase a white tube top ( we carry Weddingish bridal accessories )

The Bridal Consultation

  • Call your photographer and find out  what time you must be home from our salon

  • Bring your tiara, veil, and jewelry

  • Bring in a picture of your dress,

  • If you have 100 %  human hair extensions, bring them with you

  • If you haven’t purchased hair extensions, we will direct you in what type of extensions to purchase

  • Bring in pictures of  your favorite hairs styles and makeup

  • Be relaxed , calm and willing to express your likes and dislikes

Last Minuet Pro!  “Week before your wedding”

  • Do your last Kerastase Red-Carpet-Ready Hair treatment

  • Have your final hair color done

  • Do your final hair-removal treatment

  • Go for your weekly yoga class

  • Make a check list of everything you need to pack for your honeymoon

  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated

  • Start going to sleep at 10 pm

The Night Before

  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated

  • Go to bed,  no later than 10 pm

  • If you have trouble sleeping, drink chamomile tea

  • Wash your hair, and condition only the ends

  • Brush and dry your hair,  but do not apply any styling products

  • Get pampered now!   Receive your final facial and massage.  Do not skip out on this! You will thank us later.

  • If you really opt to skip out on your facial and massage.  Please do the following:

    • Apply your Guinot Lip Crème to moisture and hydrate lips.

    • Apply a gentle hydration mask on your face, neck and décolleté

    • Apply Guinot Longe Vie body crème to entire body to moisturize and get a nice glow

    • Apply your eye mask before you go to sleep

  • Avoid salty foods

  • Avoid low-energy thoughts and relax

  • Organize your veil, tiara, jewelry and hair extension

  • Organize your white tube top and comfortable shoes

  • Set your alarm clock to the appropriate time you need to wake up

  • Allow your self extra alone time to meditate in the morning before coming to the salon

The Big Day

  • Wake up and wear your white tube top

  • Do not eat anything because you will be treated to a continental breakfast at the salon

  • Bring your veil, tiara, jewelry and hair extensions

  • Have your hair and makeup done!

  • Give yourself five minuets alone-and breathe!


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