Chava Hamlet 

                    Chava Hamlet began her Pilates career after studying and practice under Sebastein Lagree, (West Coast/Cardio based Pilates.) Chava opened her first studio "Pilates Plus Silver Lake" in the spring of 2008. Chava wanted to know who inspired the Lagree method. So she began studying with Ivan Dahl. Ivan Dahl is a master Pilates instructor who studied under Bruce King, a protege of Joseph Pilates. After certification with Ivon Dahl she developed a unique method that combined the west coast style of Lagree and Ivon Dahl’s method.

Chava has developed a unique method that can meet the needs of advanced clientele and beginners. Clients who have neck, shoulder, lower back or knee pain, can expect modifications that allow them to participate in classes. Chava uses critical analysis to identity muscle imbalances and can correct the imbalances through stretching and exercise.

Today, she is excited to be partnering with Bella Nella to open an outdoor studio during such hard societal times due to Covid-19.

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